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COOEC-Fluor brings 15 years of experience working together on oil and gas, power and infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific region and globally.
15 years of Experience
COOEC and Fluor have worked together on projects in China and the Asia Pacific region for 15 years.

In November 2009, Fluor and COOEC entered into a formal alliance to pursue offshore projects in the Asia Pacific region, including China and Australia, focusing on both shallow-water and deepwater projects, as well as fixed and floating projects.

The companies later partnered together on the phased Bohai Bay Development Project which was recognized with an award from operator ConocoPhillips.

The COOEC-Fluor joint venture built on the two companies’ respective and complementary strengths. Fluor contributes processes, procedures and management capabilities to deliver some of the world’s largest and most complex jobs, in the harshest and most remote conditions. COOEC brings expertise in fabrication, with a cost-competitive execution model.