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Client Industries

COOEC-Fluor provides fabrication and modular construction services to Clients in diverse industries.
Clients in multiple markets turn to fabrication and modular construction to support issues of large-scale projects, remote site locations and field labor resource demands.
Fabrication and modular construction offers advantages over traditional “stick-built” construction including:
  • Shortened construction schedules
  • Reduced site field direct and indirect costs
  • Reduced peak craft workforce onsite
  • Minimized impact of severe weather constraints
  • Reduced site congestion and improved safety performance
  • More controlled environment, yielding improved quality
  • Improved overall cost and schedule certainty
COOEC-Fluor offers fabrication and modular construction services to multiple markets including:
Offshore, Deepwater, Subsea
Whether Clients are investing in production expansion or retrofit offshore, deepwater or subsea projects, they can use modular construction and fabrication extensively. COOEC-Fluor assembles various types of modules to meet Clients’ offshore project requirements.
Onshore, Refineries, LNG, Chemicals
Clients look for solutions to improve capital efficiency when building onshore production facilities. COOEC-Fluor offers fabrication and modular construction as part of its integrated solutions approach to meet Client requirements.
Demand for large-scale infrastructure capital projects is increasing as roads, rails and bridges age and their maintenance costs continue to rise. COOEC-Fluor provides fabrication and modular construction options to meet the heightened need for updated infrastructure.
Power & Utilities
COOEC-Fluor’s fabrication solutions on power projects reduce Clients’ project footprints and enable efficient pre-assembly. Typical fabrication components include conveyors, instrumentation, pipe racks and process and utility system modules.
COOEC-Fluor provides fabrication services to Clients in the mining industry. Typical modules include conveyors, thickening tanks and leach plants.
Specialty Fabrication
COOEC-Fluor provides innovative solutions to Clients in diversified markets, including the theme park industry.