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COOEC-Fluor offers comprehensive installation capabilities.
Shipment Module Installation

During front-end-engineering and design (FEED), COOEC-Fluor experts, as part of the design team, develop the installation strategy for the project.

Installation of modules at the project site requires detailed planning and scheduling. A Modular Execution Plan is developed as part of the Construction Execution Plan, identifying setting methods for each module and the installation sequence.

Equipment, piping and components within modules are permanently supported as required for shipment as well as normal operation.

Temporary braces are limited to those specifically required to protect equipment from impact and vibration damage during shipment and for those special conditions where permanent supports prove unacceptable due to operational clearance requirements in the final installation.

The module framework is specifically designed to permit lifting (with a jacking system, self-propelled module transport or crane) and handling of modules during load-out, shipment and installation at the site, without imposing undue and unanticipated forces on assembled equipment, piping and components.

Framework design must consider required clearance for normal operation and maintenance of the equipment.

COOEC-Fluor can take projects from concept to installation and start-up, with complete, turnkey control.