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Integrated Solutions

COOEC-Fluor delivers full-service fabrication, assembly and installation advantages.
Clients in all markets are demanding capital efficiency and schedule certainty. The best way to deliver these results is through COOEC-Fluor’s ability to control projects from concept to installation. COOEC-Fluor leverages the strengths of both Fluor and Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC) to provide the integrated solutions Clients expect.

COOEC-Fluor can take projects from concept to installation and start-up, providing project delivery certainty, no matter the scale. From onshore modularized mega-projects to large, offshore floating and integrated fixed facilities, the COOEC-Fluor yard delivers global, cost-effective execution for every market.
The COOEC-Fluor fabrication yard is designed for:
Fabrication, Assembly and Installation Supply Chain
  • Large offshore floating and integrated fixed facilities
  • Onshore modularized mega-projects
  • Global cost-effective execution
  • Integrated life cycle capability
  • Designs that incorporate fabrication efficiencies
  • Projects from concept to installation
  • Cost efficiency and improved safety and quality with full life cycle approach
  • Optimized workflow for delivery and schedule certainty