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COOEC-Fluor offers comprehensive logistics capabilities.
COOEC-Fluor understands the complexity of logistics planning for large-scale module transport to offshore, onshore, infrastructure, power and mining projects. COOEC-Fluor includes logistics planning early in the design phase of a project that includes modular construction and fabrication to confirm all activities required to meet cost and schedule objectives.
For any project, regardless of size, COOEC-Fluor experts are experienced and well-qualified to meet logistics requirements on the most complex projects. The joint venture leverages the strengths of its partner companies and has access to an extensive shipping fleet. In addition, the yard’s heavy haul assets include:
LNG Logistics Offshore, Onshore, Infrastructure, Power, Mining
  • (1) 380-ton Hydraulic Self-Propelled Flatbed Car
  • (2) 45-ton Flatbed Trucks
  • Hydraulic Crawler Cranes: (2) 750-ton; (2) 250-ton; (2) 150-ton
  • (~110) Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) Lines (40 tons/line)
Logistics must be carefully planned to assure on-time arrivals and to provide for adequate laydown and storage space for projects in any industry. COOEC-Fluor is in the process of establishing its own port onsite to efficiently manage customs clearance of materials.

Offshore oil and gas production projects require a significantly different execution approach due to their unique nature, which requires much more attention to logistics and support.

While most projects are driven by process and piping considerations, offshore projects are generally controlled by installation and completion requirements. These are governed by natural phenomena such as water depth, on-bottom conditions, seismic conditions, and oceanographic condition, and by equipment limitations.