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Zhuhai Fabrication Yard

COOEC-Fluor Zhuhai Fabrication Yard is designed for fabricating large modules.
The Zhuhai fabrication yard is the one of the largest fabrication yards in the world, capable of fabricating some of the world’s largest modules. The yard, located in a free trade zone on the coast of the South China Sea, offers low-cost, skilled and efficient resources. Industry-leading technologies and work processes are applied to every project undertaken at the yard.
Yard Design
The fabrication yard, with over 2 million square meters, accommodates fabrication of modules weighing more than 50,000 metric tons.
The COOEC-Fluor yard’s current capacity is 150,000 metric tons per year. Planned capacity is up to 380,000 metric tons per year by 2019.
Yard Location
The Zhuhai fabrication yard is located on the South China Sea coast near Hong Kong.
Yard Layout
The Zhuhai fabrication yard layout is designed for fabricating and shipping large modules weighing more than 50,000 metric tons.
Yard Facilities
The Zhuhai fabrication yard facilities are specifically designed for large module construction.
Yard Work Flow
The yard is designed to optimize large-scale module workflow from raw material through float-out.