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The COOEC-Fluor fabrication yard is one of the world’s largest fabrication yards.
The COOEC-Fluor fabrication yard’s current capacity is 150,000 metric tons per year, with a planned capacity of up to 380,000 metric tons per year by 2019.

With more than 2 million square meters, the COOEC-Fluor fabrication yard can fabricate modules weighing more than 50,000 metric tons.
Additional metrics of the fabrication yard include:
COOEC-Fluor Fabrication Yard VideoCOOEC-Fluor Fabrication Yard Video
Watch the COOEC-Fluor fabrication yard video
  • Total Area: 2.07 million m2
  • Covered Area: 146,000 m2
  • Assembly Area: 800,000 m2
  • Storage Area: 118,000 m2